UW Partnership with Healionics Receives $82,500 for Infection-Reducing Biotechnology

Healionics continues development of an infection-reducing prototype catheter technology in partnership with University of Washington’s Department of Medicine.

SEATTLE – July 8, 2010 – Washington Technology Center has awarded $82,500 in state funding to the University of Washington to support a biotechnology research collaboration with Healionics Corporation.

Healionics Corporation, a startup biomaterials company in Seattle, is partnered with the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington to commercialize UW technology that will reduce infection from skin-breaching devices such as catheters. Healionics expects this technology will enable the company to capture a significant part of a $100-200 million market. In this Phase III project, UW will receive $82,500 in research and technology development funding from Washington Technology Center.

UW’s Philip Fleckman, M.D., professor of medicine in dermatology, will serve as the principal investigator on the project titled, “Spherically Templated Angiogenic Regenerative (STAR) Materials for Reduced Infection and Improved Function of Percutaneous Devices.”

“This continuing project aims to show that new biomaterials prevent infection of skin-breaching devices by encouraging skin integration and barrier formation,” said Dr. Fleckman.

“Thanks to support from Washington Technology Center, the outcome of this Phase III proposal will help us move towards generating more local high tech jobs as device manufacturing develops,” said Max Maginness, Ph.D., chief technology officer of Healionics.

About Healionics Corporation

Healionics is a privately held company commercializing a novel synthetic biomaterial technology developed by Dr. Buddy Ratner and Dr. Andrew Marshall at the University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials center. The STAR® — Sphere Templated Angiogenic Regeneration — biomaterial scaffolds have a precisely controlled porosity matching cellular dimensions. When applied to implanted devices this material exploits natural healing mechanisms to create a functional and non scarring tissue interface. Healionics develops devices based on STAR and partners with leading medical companies to provide a range of therapeutic and diagnostic device bio-integration solutions. Healionics Corporation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please visit http://www.healionics.com/.

About the Research & Technology Development (RTD) Grant Program

Washington Technology Center competitively awards applied research funding through the Research & Technology Development Grant Program for technology projects that show strong potential for commercializing products and creating jobs in Washington. Since 1996, this state-funded program has supported 345 research commercialization projects developed between companies and non-profit research institutions. Applications for the next round of funding will be available in January 2011. More information about the research and technology development program is available online at http://www.watechcenter.org/rtd.

About Washington Technology Center

The mission of Washington Technology Center is to assist companies in the creation of innovative products and technologies that provide job opportunities for the citizens of Washington state. Through the Investing in Innovation program, Washington Technology Center provides companies with access to critical resources and support such as state and federal funding. Our 15,000-square-foot Microfabrication Laboratory provides companies and university researchers access to state-of-the-art process tools for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) research and product/process development. The impact of Washington Technology Center’s work has generated more than $600 million in additional investment for Washington companies and researchers. Learn more at http://www.watechcenter.org/ or call 206-685-1920.


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