Washington’s Innovation Summit 2009 photos, video and highlights

From Senator Cantwell’s “energy is the mother of all markets” to McKinstry proving potential energy savings before financing a client’s improvement project, Washington’s Innovation Summit 2009 had many highlights and ‘lightbulb’ moments for the 350 attendees. View photos and video.

Technology Innovations in Washington
Weekday from KUOW.org – Seattle, WA – April 6, 2009

Cantwell: Smart grid “mother of all markets”
The Seattle Times – WA – April 9, 2009

Innovation Summit: Using wood to build airplanes, again
The Seattle Times – WA – April 9, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare a Stimulus Dime? Washington Innovation Summit Notebook
Xconomy – Seattle, WA – April 10, 2009

Bellevue tech summit highlights innovation
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA – April 10, 2009

Jet Biofuel, the Carbon Slaughterhouse and Green Jobs: Washington’s Innovation Summit
WorldChanging Seattle – Seattle, WA – April 13, 2009

How Cleantech Ideas Happen: Report from an Innovation Summit
Energy Priorities – Seattle, WA – April 10, 2009

From Microsoft to Olympia: Q&A With Rogers Weed, New Washington Commerce Chief
Xconomy – Seattle, WA – April 15, 2009

Washington Innovation Summit Roundup
Blogging Innovation from Braden Kelley of Business Strategy Innovation – Seattle, WA – April 16, 2009

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6 Responses to Washington’s Innovation Summit 2009 photos, video and highlights

  1. I did make some contacts which could prove helpful to our company. I also got a feel that I've not had in the past about a lot of technology, a lot of development, and a lot of work that is going on in the area, as well as politics and funding. It was quite an eye opener. Mike Van Schoiack, president, Vehicle Monitor Corp.

  2. The day was great. I got more than I expected. It was inspiring to listen to Gifford Pinchot and also they had valuable education sessions.Rishi TirupariSustainability EngineerMcKinstry

  3. Patty Henson says:

    I came to the conference to learn more about the sustainable energy space and I've learned a great deal. And I recognize that Washington is poised to be in a leadership role with all of this effort and I'm looking forward to the results.Patty Henson, communications professional

  4. There are a lot of issues that have been discussed with regards to sustainability and what that means — what does innovation mean, how do innovation and sustainability go together, and how does sustainability apply to architecture and building materials. I think that part was very interesting.Vikram YadamaAssistant ProfessorWashington State University

  5. Skip Rung says:

    I particularly enjoyed the keynote by Gifford Pinchot. I found his remarks about the importance of entrepreneurship for solving problems to be very apropos. There are always lots of great conversations and networking here and I enjoy seeing all my good friends in Washington.Skip Rung, president and executive director, ONAMI

  6. There were a lot of resources and opportunities to share knowledge and learn better what the state and other regional organizations can do to help all of us as entrepreneurs to work together.Jim HochsteinSenior Vice President Sales, EngineeringSHOCKSystem Inc.

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