WTC social media survey finds LinkedIn and Facebook lead in usage

Washington Technology Center thanks the 568 people who responded to our social media survey conducted in June 2010. The survey found a high percentage of our audience (73.6 percent) uses social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, discussion forums and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. What does our audience want out of social media? They want to find useful content, make professional connections, and locate opportunities without wasting time or risking their privacy.

Methodology and Findings

A link to an online survey was emailed to 6468 WTC mailing list subscribers with 568 (8.8 percent) responding. Overall the survey found that 73.6 percent of respondents participate in some type of social media, and 26.4 percent of respondents do not use social media. Reasons for non use included ‘privacy concerns’ and among write-in responses, eight out of 10 respondents referred to social media as a non-productive use of time.

A number of respondents noted that their companies block access to social media sites. Others noted a preference for email over social media.

Among all users, the three most commonly used social media platforms for work-related purposes are LinkedIn, Facebook and discussion boards.

Nearly half of social media users spend under an hour on social media sites in an average week. Among users spending 3-plus hours per week on social media sites (21.6 percent of users or 15.3 percent of total respondents), the three most frequently used social media tools are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What do users seek to accomplish with social media tools? There is a strong preference for viewing content without commenting or contributing, followed by making professional connections and finding business opportunities.

As for commenting on, or contributing content, only 8.5 percent of respondents (45 out of 528) indicated that they would be highly likely to do so.

Charts (click on charts to enlarge)


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