EKOS announces a groundbreaking study for brain blood clot removal

EKOS Corporation, a Bothell-based medical device company, announced February 25, 2010 that Dr. David W. Newell of Seattle’s Swedish Neuroscience Institute presented to the American Heart Association International Stroke Conference a clinical study on removing brain and ventricular blood clots using a treatment involving ultrasound. The study found that treatment using ultrasound helped remove blood clots faster.

According to a press release, Dr. Douglas Hansmann, one of the study co-authors and EKOS co-founder said, “This research was possible because of the collaborative atmosphere in the Seattle biotech community. Funds from the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund through money that Governor Christine Gregoire successfully helped appropriate for Washington State through the tobacco settlement provided a $170,000 grant that allowed EKOS to approach Dr. Newell and SNI with the proposal to study this exciting new application of EKOS technology.”

Read more in a press release from EKOS Corporation

EKOS Corporation is a WTC client

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