Stratos Genomics awarded access grant for DNA sequencing technology

Stratos Genomics will use WTC facilities and equipment to further its product development on the pathway to commercialization.

SEATTLE – January 6, 2010 – Washington Technology Center has awarded access to WTC facilities and equipment to Stratos Genomics, a Seattle-based startup biotechnology company, to further its DNA sequencing product development. This award is the first made by Washington Technology Center as part of its new Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program, a technology stimulus program for small businesses in Washington.

“We created this stimulus program to address a common barrier faced by small companies — access to expensive equipment,” said Chris Coleman, interim executive director of Washington Technology Center. “By removing that barrier and reducing the cost of innovation, we’re able to help companies such as Stratos Genomics accelerate their growth, and ultimately create jobs in Washington.”

Stratos Genomics is developing a new method of DNA sequencing that will dramatically reduce the time and costs of high-throughput DNA sequencing.

The company is receiving three months of WTC facility access for a proposal entitled “Nanopore Noise Reduction Project.” The project will aim to meet a technical goal as Stratos Genomics develops a robust proof-of-concept for its technology. The technology creates, encodes and measures surrogate molecules derived from DNA targets to produce DNA sequence information.

Successful demonstration of the technology will open the door for company growth to address the next commercialization steps.

“It is great to see Washington Technology Center able to provide assistance to a small business in these difficult economic times,” said state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle). “Helping an innovative company like Stratos Genomics can lead to new technologies that not only improve health, but also create jobs.”

“Young, innovative companies such as Stratos Genomics remind us of Washington’s history of creating the best technology ideas and jobs,” said Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-Seattle). “By providing early support to Stratos Genomics, the state will have helped them to unlock a promising medical advancement. I commend Washington Technology Center for helping to make sure they can become successful in our state.”

About the Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program
Washington Technology Center’s new Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program is a technology stimulus program that awards short-term access to sophisticated MEMS fabrication equipment to small businesses in Washington. More information about the lab access program is available online at

About Washington Technology Center
Washington Technology Center is a statewide economic development organization focused on technology and innovation. We spark ideas, form connections between people and resources, and foster job growth to position Washington state as a national technology leader. As an organization, Washington Technology Center channels state, federal, and private resources to help companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies. Our 15,000-square-foot Microfabrication Laboratory provides companies and university researchers access to facilities and specialized equipment for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) research and product/process development. The impact of Washington Technology Center’s work has generated more than $630 million in additional investment for Washington companies and researchers. For more information how Washington Technology Center can help research and development projects succeed, visit or call 206-685-1920.

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