Washington Technology Center awards $394,910 to spur innovation and jobs

Four University of Washington researchers have been awarded state funding for partnerships with Washington companies developing innovative commercial technologies.

SEATTLE — January 4, 2010 — Washington Technology Center has awarded a total of $394,910 in state funding to four University of Washington researchers working with companies to develop commercially promising technologies. The Washington-based companies expect commercial adoption of the technologies to create 140 new jobs in the state during the next five years.

The company partners are: Applied Precision, Inc., of Issaquah; Enertechnix, of Maple Valley; inVision Technology LLC, of Bellevue; and Omeros Corporation, of Seattle. Winning proposals from the University of Washington describe innovation in computer systems and microelectronics, advanced materials and manufacturing, and biotechnology and biomedical devices.

“Innovation is an essential economic driver for Washington, and I commend Washington Technology Center for helping these companies and their research partners grow new business opportunities,” said Washington Governor Chris Gregoire in support of this round of award winners. “We must do all we can to support our 21st century industries as they move cutting-edge ideas out of our laboratories and into Washington products and Washington jobs.

“Our state’s economy has benefited immensely from innovation,” said state Rep. Phyllis Gutiérrez Kenney (D-Seattle), Chair of the House Community and Economic Development and Trade Committee. “That’s why it makes sense to support joint efforts between our outstanding research institutions and the small businesses that are creating new products and new opportunities for our state’s workforce.”

“We believe that investing in innovation is critical,” said Chris Coleman, interim executive director of Washington Technology Center. “WTC’s Research and Technology Development program helps identify and accelerate cutting-edge research that holds promise for commercial impact and job creation. Congratulations to these four companies and research teams for their outstanding efforts.”

This round of projects addresses a wide range of innovation:

Applied Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of biomedical imaging systems located in Issaquah, is collaborating with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine to develop a microfluidic imaging technology for biomedical applications. Successful commercialization of the technology will meet an expanding market need. In this Phase II project, UW will receive $95,215 in research and technology development funding from Washington Technology Center. Read more.

Enertechnix, a manufacturer of high-temperature imaging systems located in Maple Valley, is partnered with the University of Washington’s Department of Electrical Engineering to develop energy-efficiency technology to control the cleaning of heat-transfer surfaces in industrial paper and pulp processes. In this Phase II project, UW will receive $100,000 in research and technology development funding from Washington Technology Center. Read more.

inVision Technology LLC, a Seattle-based developer of integrated composite components technology, is teamed with the University of Washington’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering to develop an optimized design and manufacturing process for producing high-strength, low-weight composite structures. inVision plans to apply this technology initially to the rapidly growing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. University of Washington will receive $100,000 in research and technology development funding from Washington Technology Center for this Phase I project. Read more.

Omeros Corporation, a Seattle-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, is collaborating with the University of Washington’s Department of Bioengineering to develop a cancer-targeting technology. In this preclinical Phase III project, UW will receive $99,695 in research and technology development funding from Washington Technology Center. Read more.

About the Research & Technology Development (RTD) Grant Program
Washington Technology Center competitively awards around $1 million in state funding annually through the Research & Technology Development Grant Program for technology projects that show strong potential for commercializing products and creating jobs in Washington. Since 1996, the RTD program has supported 339 research commercialization projects developed between companies and non-profit research institutions. Applications for the next round of funding are due April 22, 2010. More information about the research and technology development program is available online at http://www.watechcenter.org/rtd.

About Washington Technology Center
Washington Technology Center is a statewide economic development organization focused on technology and innovation. We spark ideas, form connections between people and resources, and foster job growth to position Washington state as a national technology leader. As an organization, Washington Technology Center channels state, federal, and private resources to help companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies. Our 15,000-square-foot Microfabrication Laboratory provides companies and university researchers access to facilities and specialized equipment for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) research and product/process development. The impact of Washington Technology Center’s work has generated more than $630 million in additional investment for Washington companies and researchers. For more information how Washington Technology Center can help research and development projects succeed, visit http://www.watechcenter.org/ or call 206-685-1920.

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