New technology stimulus program for small businesses in Washington

Washington Technology Center’s new Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program will award short-term access to sophisticated MEMS fabrication equipment to help companies develop job-growing, innovative commercial technologies.

SEATTLE – August 24, 2009 – Washington Technology Center announces today the launch of the Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program, a new stimulus program that will award short-term access to sophisticated MEMS fabrication equipment to help small companies in Washington develop job-growing, innovative commercial technologies.

“In these difficult economic times, I commend Washington Technology Center for offering companies increased access to resources for developing market-ready products,” said Washington’s Director of Commerce Rogers Weed. “This kind of collaboration between the public and private sectors helps support our state’s 21st century industries, and more importantly, helps to create quality jobs right here in Washington.”

“Our new lab access program is one of three state-funded programs that we’re using to invest in innovation in Washington state,” said Lee Cheatham, Ph.D., executive director of Washington Technology Center. “We believe this program will help small companies more effectively leverage limited funding for technology development in the current economy.

Washington Technology Center will accept proposals from companies with fewer than 100 employees in any technical area or industry that can utilize the facilities and equipment of the center’s 15,000-square-foot Microfabrication Laboratory. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to: proof of concept, prototyping, testing, process development, and small-scale production.

Proposals selected for awards will need to show clear potential for economic impact and a well-defined work plan. As the award program is focused on companies that have an immediate need for laboratory facilities, lab access projects are limited to a maximum of three consecutive months of no-cost Microfabrication Laboratory use.

Tours of the Microfabrication Laboratory will be held Aug. 28 and Sept. 29, 2009.

More information about the Microfabrication Laboratory Access Program is available online at

About Washington Technology Center
Washington Technology Center is a statewide economic development organization focused on technology and innovation. We spark ideas, form connections between people and resources, and foster job growth to position Washington state as a national technology leader. As an organization, Washington Technology Center channels state, federal, and private resources to help companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies. Our 15,000-square-foot Microfabrication Laboratory provides companies and university researchers access to facilities and specialized equipment for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) research and product/process development. The impact of Washington Technology Center’s work has generated more than $600 million in additional investment for Washington companies and researchers. For more information how Washington Technology Center can help research and development projects succeed, visit or call 206-685-1920.

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