Life sciences commercialization initiative signed into law by Governor Gregoire

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed into law E2SSB 6015 which directs the department of community, trade, and economic development (CTED) to review commercialization and innovation in the life sciences and technology sectors.

According to the final bill report, CTED is required to report to the Legislature and the Governor by December 1, 2009, on methods Washington can use to encourage and support innovation in life sciences and information technology. CTED must look at ways to increase the amount of regional capital for early investments, examine state laws regarding these technologies, evaluate Washington’s technology-based economic development efforts, and review the status of technology transfer efforts at research universities.

CTED must provide a draft report to the Washington Economic Development Council (EDC), which must prepare written observations about the draft report and its relation to the overall strategies proposed by the EDC.

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