VisionGate sells first commercially available Cell-CT™ imaging platform

VisionGate, a Gig Harbor headquartered company working in the field of cancer diagnostics, has sold its first commercially available Cell-CT™ imaging platform to Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute. VisionGate’s patented technology was developed with assistance from UW researcher Eric Seibel.

In a February 26th press release from ASU, Thomas Neumann, M.D., VisionGate’s vice president for medical science, said the sale of the company’s first Cell-CT platform is a significant step for the company. “We are encouraged that the scientists at the Biodesign Institute will be using our novel 3-D cellular imaging technology for their groundbreaking research on single cell biology,” he said. “VisionGate plans to continue developing the Cell-CT system for clinical use in the early detection of lung cancer, and the agreement announced today is expected to provide valuable contributions to the institute’s personalized medicine initiatives.”

VisionGate is a WTC client

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