Wireless Security — Are you Safe?

Sponsored Guest Article by Dr. John Shovic, Eastern Washington University

Prowlers no longer have to enter your home or business to steal your valuables. Many of today’s thieves — or “coyotes” as Dr. John Shovic of Eastern Washington University calls them — can simply sit outside your home or business and steal your email, security codes and personal information without setting foot on your premises.

Case in point, one of Shovic’s students booted up his wireless computer in a large Western airport to find that service kiosks were sending credit cards, names and PIN numbers in the CLEAR.

He was so shocked, he immediately deleted his data, shutdown his computer and left the area. The student could literally watch a person at a kiosk and view all of his or her personal information in real time.

Cybersecurity is no small issue: 10 to 15 new viruses are detected every day and most intrusions are from the “inside.” Total spending on computer security issues continues to increase every year as companies become more dependent on the Internet and networking in general.

So what can we do? Well, perhaps consider hiring a team of Shovic’s students.

Shovic’s students are learning to think like hackers in order to find every possible solution to stop wireless intruders.

He offers an “A” to any student who can successfully plant a virus in his system during the last week of class — making him a nervous wreck for finals week. From fake invoices to forgery, you can start to imagine the creative approaches students have taken.

At the end of the quarter, Shovic divides his class into two teams to wage a cyber war on one another. The battle rages late into the night, with the ultimate winner being the team that is best able to destroy the other team’s firewalls, steal their data, infect them with viruses and paralyze their services as well as defending their own systems from attack. (Don’t worry, he also makes students thoroughly aware of the legal penalties involved in waging such attacks in the real world.)

To hear more stories involving “cyber wars” and “war drives” as well as expert solutions, attend Dr. Shovic’s luncheon presentation on April 7 at the Bellevue Doubletree Hotel. There will also be a substantial Q&A session for attendees to garner advice on specific issues. The event is also an opportunity for individuals to meet Eastern Washington University’s new president, Rodolfo Arévalo.

About Dr. John Shovic
Dr. Shovic is a professor of cybersecurity at Eastern Washington University and a successful entrepreneur. He is cofounder of a computer security consulting company (MiloCreek), a software network security company (TriGeo Network Security), a data solutions company (AHA), a water treatment technology company (Blue Water Technologies) and a bank (bankCDA).

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