UW Information School introduces new Masters of Science in Information Management Degree Program

Sponsored Guest Article by UW iSchool

A new full-time option for a master’s degree in Information Management, geared toward traditional students interested in opening new career possibilities in information fields, is the most recent addition at the University of Washington’s Information School (iSchool).

Launched in September 2005, the Day Master of Science in Information Management (Day MSIM) program is aimed at students interested in all aspects of information management, coming from almost any undergraduate degree program. The Executive MSIM option (started several years ago) is designed for working professionals who have prior experience in an information field. Executive MSIM classes are held Friday evenings and during the day on Saturdays, allowing students to bring their new-found knowledge immediately into the workplace.

The Day MSIM program has the same core curriculum as the part-time Executive MSIM program, but requires additional credits for graduation.

“Because the Executive program is targeted at working professionals with seven to ten years of experience, we assume those students have obtained knowledge from their working life and require fewer credits for graduation,” explains MSIM program chair Michael Crandall. “The Day program offers more opportunity for students to build a broader knowledge base through electives and a required internship program.”

As program chair, Crandall’s goal is to make MSIM the most sought-after program for information management. “I would hope that over the next few years, we will see our students becoming leaders in this field, both in practical settings and in the research arena, and pointing back to our program as a reason for their success,” he says. “A strong internship program and research activities will bring us closer to the community.”

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