New look is visual symbol of WTC’s mission

Ideas. Connections. Jobs. Three simple but powerful words that symbolize the path that Washington Technology Center (WTC) is undertaking on behalf of the state’s technology industries. WTC is a statewide organization that leads public and private efforts that focus state, federal and private resources to enhance Washington’s economy. WTC works to spark ideas, form connections between people and resources, and foster job growth to position Washington as a national technology leader.

To better speak to this mission, WTC recently took on the task of developing a new brand that would more closely align with its goals as an organization.

Although WTC’s previous logo was somewhat representative of Washington’s history, the new brand represents our future. WTC wants a look and feel that complements its mission and values, and visually represents its role as the state agency responsible for positioning innovation and technology as a vital driver of the state’s economy.

To develop this new identity, WTC conducted research analysis and evaluation to see how the organization was perceived by stakeholders. The organization went through a comprehensive branding process that included focus groups, agency support, brand development, board input, and customer impression feedback. From this exercise, the agency set about developing a new brand that would speak to its leadership role in Washington’s technology economy.

The result is a bold, contemporary mark that has become a visual icon for the organization’s core values: innovation, leadership, outcome driven, respect, and determination.

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