WTC’s Microfab Lab joins the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

The National Science Foundation announced in December 2003 that the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) has been awarded to a 12-university team, including the University of Washington. Led by Stanford and Cornell, this 5-year contract provides $14 million per year (renewable for an additional 5 years) to provide an infrastructure of process capabilities to serve the nanotechnology research, process development, and characterization needs of universities across the nation.

WTC’s Microfabrication Lab is an essential component of the UW’s role in the NNIN. The Lab enables process capabilities to nanotechnology researchers for creating a platform, device, or structure necessary for their work. Promoting industrial access to the NNIN is critical to the region’s growing micro- and nanotechnology industry. The role WTC will provide will be to offer the addition of physical resources available through the Microfabrication Lab.

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