Companies meet state legislators

Several of the companies that WTC has supported had the opportunity to showcase their developing technologies directly to legislators at the 2003 Association of Washington Business (AWB) Legislative Reception. Held in Olympia, this event is one of the largest gatherings of business leaders and public officials in Washington.

Companies and researchers developed exhibits and product demonstrations featuring WTC-funded projects. Legislators could see that technologies are being supported from around the state. The lawmakers and their guests received hands-on experience with new and future products from:

— Hyperion Innovations, Inc., Seattle, cordless soldering tool based on Cold Heat™ technology.
— InnovaTek, Inc., Richland, diesel fuel injection system for fuel cell processor.
— MCD Technologies, Inc., Tacoma, heat transfer technology (Refractance Window™ evaporator) for food drying.
— RS Medical, Inc., Vancouver, bone growth stimulation devices.
— VisionGate, Inc., Gig Harbor, optical tomography for cancer screening.

The AWB is a diverse organization with a statewide membership of 3,700 small and large businesses that employ more than 600,000 Washington residents.

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  • Hyperion Innovations is a WTC client
  • InnovaTek is a WTC client
  • MCD Technologies is a WTC client
  • RS Medical is a WTC client
  • VisionGate is a WTC client

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