Don’t miss WTC’s photonics workshop on October 8th, 2002

“Photonics 2002: Lighting the Way,” WTC’s sixth annual technology initiative workshop, is set for Tuesday, October 8, 2002 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bellevue, Wash. The workshop is one of WTC’s key activities for bringing photonics professionals in Washington state together for information exchange.

The world’s technology industries are facing challenging times. Growth at a blistering pace, followed by a market free fall has resulted in reduced confidence from the investment community and a fallout among those companies not adequately prepared to weather the financial storm.

The photonics industry has felt the impact of this high-tech turmoil. Scientific breakthroughs in tunable lasers, photonic crystals, and optical polymers compete for attention with news about overbuilt capacity, deflated stock prices and industry shake-out. Yet technical progress continues and opportunities are still available for companies able to shift focus and adapt to the realities of the market.

This year’s workshop will feature a strong program:

— Eugene Arthurs, executive director of SPIE, will be the keynote speaker. His presentation is entitled, “Optics and Photonics: A New Perspective.”
— Axel Scherer, professor of Electrical Engineering at CalTech, will speak on “Photonic Bandgap Structures.”
— Gary Starkweather, senior researcher of Microsoft Research’s Hardware Devices Group, is addressing “Combining Optics and MEMS for Next Generation Displays.”
— George Ugras, general partner of Adams Capital Management, has a talk entitled “New Components Lead the Way.”
— David Tuckerman, venture partner of CMEA Ventures, is presenting “A Venture Capitalist’s View of Photonics technology.”
— Larry Dalton, professor of Chemistry and Electrical engineering, will discuss “Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research” A New National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center.”

The registration fee is $145.

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