WTC Awards 2000-01 FTI Projects

In addition to the Research and Technology Development (RTD) program, WTC has two programs that facilitate fast-track industry-university research collaborations. The Entrepreneur’s Access (EA) and Focused Technology Initiative (FTI) programs are ideally suited to assist small businesses and startup enterprises in collaborative technology development. Both programs are available throughout the year.

FTIs provide up to $10,000ā€“$30,000 and are targeted for companies with under 100 employees with a project duration of 6ā€“12 months.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Nu Element, Inc., Tacoma
Researcher: Fatih Dogan, UW Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
An alternative energy company founded in 1998, Nu Element is targeting the commercialization of reliable, cost-effective power sources for households and businesses. Currently, the company is concentrating on patent pending technology of proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells, and developing new materials for low operating temperature solid oxide fuel cells – the focus of this project.

ARI Technologies, Inc., Kent
Researcher: Robert Holtz, UW Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Founded in 1990, ARI Technologies has developed thermochemical treatment technology that converts hazardous wastes to a non-hazardous and benign end product. This project will evaluate the engineering properties and environmental characteristics and stability of this end product to assess its suitability for landfill and other commercial civil engineering applications.

Sienna Technologies, Inc., Woodinville
Researcher: Mehmet Sarikaya, UW Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
Founded in 1992, Sienna Technologies develops aluminum nitride components for high power electronics and microwave communications industries. Occasionally, components will contain visual defects that, while not affecting performance, require the parts be reprocessed. The goal of this project is to identify, analyze and eliminate the source of this cosmetic defect in Sienna’s aluminum nitride products.

LAB / COR, Inc., Seattle
Researcher: Thomas Stoebe, UW Dept. of Material Sciences & Engineering
Founded in 1992, LAB / COR provides sophisticated particulate characterization and analyses for environmental remediation and industrial process development and control. The company is interested in developing particulate filters not currently available on the market. This project explores the use of tape casting and SHS-derived SiC ceramic compounds, materials with great promise for high temperature applications, for improved hot-gas particulate filters and traps.

Recycled Plastics Marketing, Inc., Redmond
Researcher: Vipin Kumar, UW Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Using recycled high-density polyethylene, RPM produces plastic lumbers for fencing, decking, park benches, and other construction applications. This project will develop methods to increase lumber cooling rates with minimal impact to the current production process. The ability to cool the lumber faster will enable the lumber to be produced at a higher speed.

Biotechnology and Biomedical Devices

EKOS Corporation, Bothell
Researcher: Fatih Dogan, UW Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
Founded in 1995, EKOS is focused on developing proprietary ultrasound-based systems and devices for local drug delivery. Highly reliable piezoelectric ceramic transducers are crucial to the success of the devices developed by EKOS. This project works towards the development of such transducers by identifying the failure mechanisms of the ceramic material and developing improved material strength.

Sonotech, Inc., Bellingham
Researcher: Buddy Ratner, UW Dept. of Engineered Biomaterials
Founded in 1986, Sonotech is a major supplier of medical and industrial ultrasound couplants in the U.S. The project will develop acoustic couplant materials in gel or thickened liquid form for use with medical ultrasound imaging probes in surgical and transcutaneous puncture procedures where in vivo biocompatibility and biodegradability are essential to patient health and safety.

Computer Systems

dB Systems, Inc., Redmond
Researcher: Jeff Bilmes, UW Dept. of Electrical Engineering
dB Systems produces high-reliability cockpit aircraft audio control equipment and is interested in adding voice command capabilities to their line of avionics audio panel systems. The project will develop and test a new approach to voice recognition to be used for controlling various avionics instruments during noisy in-flight conditions.


Inova, Inc., Richland
Researcher: Benjamin Belzer, WSU Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Inova develops, markets and manufactures innovative human-to-computer interfaces, including the Magi™ IT network management system. The company is designing a wireless KVMS switch for network server monitoring systems, which they hope will compete with and ultimately replace existing wired monitoring systems.

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