WTC opens satellite office in Tri-Cities

On Dec. 7, 1999, WTC and the Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL), Richland, signed an agreement to jointly share outreach activities in Eastern Washington. APEL is a technology business incubator facility that fosters and supports innovative new companies engaged in product development that will create jobs in Eastern Washington. “This agreement makes sense because the goals of WTC and APEL are complementary,” says Lee Cheatham, WTC’s executive director. “It will increase our exposure to small high-tech companies in the region and enhance our statewide presence.” Chuck Allen, APEL director, will serve as WTC’s local contact, helping companies tap into Washington’s universities and WTC funding.

APEL’s facilities include engineering and manufacturing-scale space, as well as wet labs, bio labs, and business space. In addition to companies engaged in product development, university and national laboratory researchers also access the laboratories. APEL is a cooperative effort between the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Port of Benton, Energy Northwest, and TRIDEC.

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