New high-tech approach to centuries-old practice pays off

Drying of food products is the oldest method of food preservation. Freeze-drying yields the highest quality among commercial processes, but takes several hours and is energy intensive. MCD Technologies, Inc., Tacoma, has created a food drying system that can dry foods in only minutes using half the amount of energy, at 1/3 the equipment costs of freeze drying systems.

MCD and Juming Tang, WSU Dept. of Biological Systems Engineering, collaborated on a project to study the energy efficiency of the company’s patented Refractance Window™ Drying System and its effect on food quality. The study validated MCD’s assertion that their system rendered products with a high retention of nutrients, giving a boost to their marketing efforts. “We are already reaping the benefits of our WTC sponsored work,” says Karin Bolland, founder of MCD, “and have profited in other areas of our business from our association with Dr. Tang.” The start-up has recently added three employees and moved to a larger processing facility.

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